Monday, 24 June 2013

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Travelled a lot, never seen enough

I have seen much of the world. I've conducted business in foreign countries, mostly in the Middle and Far East. What a difference in culture and habits it is! If you want to do business, you have to understand and adjust to the way it's done in the country where you are a guest. In order to be successful, you need to respect the values and standards of the place you are in. For example, in India it seems like everyone is always at least 20 minutes late, so scheduling anything can be tricky - but you need to remember that it's normal there, a part of the local culture. It's also common to see your interlocutor wobble their head, a gesture that can mean yes, no, or a simple acknowledgement of what you are saying. Negotiating a deal in China is specific, too - your business partner will listen to you carefully, trying to find any inconsistencies in your offer, and then negotiate every tiny detail of your deal. Similarly, there are things you should know before doing business in Thailand and Bangkok, too. But if you adapt, all of these countries are great places to stay - with their beautiful temples and unspoiled nature, so different from Europe. It has always been a lot of pleasure to work with skilled and talented colleagues there.

Holidays in the European sun

In my private life, I prefer to stay closer to home. I have often been to Spain, and yet the breathtaking nature, beautiful cities and spectacular sights always surprise me anew. There's Barcelona with The Sagrada Familia, but you can also relax on one of Spain's many coasts. Each season in this country has its own beauty. If you want history, you should go to Italy - in Rome and Milan, the art of past centuries is still stunning. Tuscany is the place for you if you prefer excellent wines and fine restaurants to sightseeing. And now that the borders are no longer an issue, Macedonia can also be added to the list of favourite holiday destinations - with its rugged nature and the magnificent Ohrid Lake, it is a great country to spend your vacation in the Balkans.

With pleasure: the Caribbean

The Dominican Republic is sunny all year round, and the hospitality and genuine smiles that you see everywhere give you energy to confront the radiant heat of the day. With beautiful beaches where you can enjoy sun, sea and sand, it is a pleasure to be there. If you fly further, to Curacao, you will find many treasures and a pleasant climate. You can enjoy diving and a little break in the sun on the beautiful beaches there.

New destinations for the future

There are so many beautiful places in the world that it feels like I haven't seen anything yet. But I'm going to change that. If the opportunity arises, I will return to the countries I know and enjoy. But I want to find new destinations, too, and add new countries to my list of favorites. Australia - so far away, but a beautiful and fascinating continent, with many climates and beautiful scenery. I'd love to enjoy its tranquility and taste the fine wines. New Zealand, with both a subtropical climate and winter sports, and Marlborough where the most delicious wines are produced. South Africa and Botswana, where I would like to go on a wonderful safari before poaching will cause all the rare animals to be eradicated. Canada with its beautiful glacial lakes, forests, bears and whales. And I would still like to go on a jungle trek in Malaysia.

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