Monday, 24 June 2013

carnaval text

Carnaval Man - European male. 50 years. Athletic Bon Vivant.
You can call me Carnaval Man because I love the vibrancy, fun, colour and sound of a carnaval.
I am seeking a woman who will enjoy sharing visits to carnavals and festivals with me, who will sway to the rhythm and thrill to the sounds of a Brazilian Street Party.
London is my home base but my business takes me around the world. Travelling is my life and a festival in Brazil or the Caribbean gives me a colourful relief from meetings and airports.
Do you love the Samba? Can you dance the Salsa? Come Tango with me and be seduced by the energy of Latin Dance Music.
A companion is needed to join me in Rio de Janiero. I have bought two Grand Stand Seat Tickets for the Samba Parade at the Rio Carnival in 2014. This carnival parade, which happens just before Lent, is the most exciting in the world. Samba Schools parade before the seated public in a riot of colour and a cacophany of sound. I plan to attend the City Ball in Rio Scala so you would need to pack your formal clothes.
Later in the year I will be visiting the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. This festival celebrates culture, folklore and religion. The six-day party is amazing, I love to follow the floats and the dancing costumed crowds.
I time my Toronto visit to coincide with the Carifiesta Caribbean Carnival. This Canadian Carnival is the best outside of Trinidad and Tobago. The food is amazing at the Toronto carnival, black-eye peas, rice and ice cold beer, delicious. Fish is barbequed on street-side stalls and served with lime and chillies.
My business is in textiles, importing and exporting and I enjoy seeing rich fabrics sculpted into exquisite, flambuoyant costumes. The headresses in carnaval costumes amaze me, the sparkle and feathers and the straight-backed girls who carry those usually heavy headpieces.
Is there a woman out there who feels the excitment and revelry of a carnaval who would enjoy some of the biggest street parties in the world.
Is there a woman who would dress in a carnaval costume, dance with the community along the streets and join me in celebrating the spirit of a variety of people in a vibrant environment.

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